Sales & Distribution ERP

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Your accounting team needs the right software for your business. IP ZONE COMPUTER can suggest, deploy and support your new accounting software.

Implementing ERP for Sales And Distribution:

Regardless of your industry, you need an ERP software solution to be the backbone of your business, automating and supporting business processes. The best ERP solutions, however, are fully integrated with all your systems across the enterprise, bringing value to every functional area. Most importantly, your ERP system should fit the way you do business, not the other way around.

At IP Zone, we do quick ERP implementation, the excellent price and performance ratio, investment security, platform independence, user friendliness, flexibility, inter-nationality, and customer satisfaction are convincing arguments in favor of abas ERP.

Streamline order processing.
Eliminate errors and delays caused by manual processes while maintaining accurate records of all transactions.

Deliver better customer experiences.
Easily record and maintain blanket orders, define customer-specific prices and discounts, plan promotions, and track lots and serial numbers.

Sell anywhere.
Leverage tailored mobile solutions for sales management that grant you and your team instant access and control of relevant data—anytime, anyplace.

Gain perspective.
Monitor and assess end-to-end sales processes including customer information, order and payment histories, shipping details, and product performance.