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Being one of the IP telephony installation company in Dubai, we understand the need for high quality and transparent communication. Regardless of the size of organisation we can design and deliver a scalable IP telephony solution.

IP Telephony solutions is an effective way to save on equipment, space and expense. IP-PBX Telephony Solutions with IP telephones help reduce cost without limiting performance. IP phones in an office share the same computer network which cuts back on space and equipment. The lack of wires also helps give offices a modern look. Our IP  Telephony solutions come with features like IVR or a company directory which allows everyone to be connected even when they are in different locations.

Avaya IP telephony solutions provide customers a powerful way to capitalise on the benefits of IP telephony. Avaya offers a complete communications architecture that provides software, infrastructure and services to help enterprises stay nimble. The Avaya Communications Architecture helps enable enterprises to reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenue by providing solutions to business imperatives.