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On multiprocessing operating systems, Servers are often dedicated to perform no other tasks besides their server tasks. However, a single computer can perform several programs at once. High capacity storage for a multi-drive server system requires predictable and reliable working. Our Server/Storage solution are designed with the best balance of performance and capacity, ideal for Big Data Analytics, Online Transaction Processing, Large Databases, HPC and Multi-tenant server applications. . We offer proven, high-quality performance and reliability for enterprises to meet complex storage and access needs.

You can have your storage servers to be installed with file protocol of your own choice to suite the networking or client PC requirements. Some of the features that make these solutions from Whitehats a must have are

  • Low cost installation
  • Easy Administration
  • Faster data access
  • Simple configuration

If you think that perfection in performance is the only criteria to choose for your service providers then know that IP Zone group of IT professionals take their work very seriously and satisfaction of our clients even much more seriously.

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